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My name is Daniel Tuner. I am the Company’s Founder and President. I spent years working for Insurance Companies, learning “The Company Way” to estimate and process a claim. Each Insurance Company has its own quirks and interpretation of how or what your insurance policy covers. Even that can vary depending on who you speak to within a single company. The maze of processes and procedures involved in processing a claim can often be very frustrating for everyone involved.

Access Public Adjusting, Inc. takes the burden of a claim off your shoulders and puts it on ours. We represent you with your insurance company. We take the years of experience and knowledge we acquired working for the insurance companies and now put it to work for you. GIVING YOU THE ADVANTAGE OF AN INSIDER.

When you have suffered a loss of property. Property that you have spent years to acquire or build. We represent you (fight for you) to get your insurance company to make you whole again – to get your home or business back to where it was before the loss, sometimes even better when ordinance and law improvements are required.

I am excited and happy to put our resources to work for you.

To improve your chances of getting your claim paid and being treated fairly get Access Public Adjusting, Inc. working on your claim today!

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Daniel Turner, President, MBA, PA

Access Public Adjusting, Inc.

Public Adjusting

Experienced and Effective Public Adjusting on your home or business insurance claim. We represent you – the Insured, not the Insurance company.

Maximize The Reimbursement permitted on your property loss.

Get Your Claim Paid – quickly.

Without The Hassle – We take the burden of your claim off your shoulders and put it on ours. We deal with the maze of confusing and changing insurance policies and procedures to get you the money you deserve. Let a professional get it done for you.

  • Protect your rights and financial interests – Have Access Public Adjusting represent you on your claim against the insurance company.
  • Get – All the money you deserve under your insurance contract.
  • Access Public Adjusting – Gets You Results.

Start your claim off on a strong foundation by contacting us immediately upon finding damage.

If your claim is already in progress, stalled or been denied – We can get your claim back on-track or re-opened to get you the action and results you deserve.


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About Insurance Claims


Of all the insurance adjusters out there – ONLY A PUBLIC ADJUSTER can legally represent the interests of the Insured on their property claim. ALL OTHER ADJUSTERS are required by Florida State Law to represent the Insurance Company – not you.


Insurance companies are in business to make money. How does a business make money? The simple answer is increase revenues and lower costs.

It only makes sense that the Insurance Company would want to pay out the lowest amount that they can make an argument for as being reasonable (in their mind-set). That means if you rely on the Insurance Companies’ multiple representatives that will be involved in your claim – you could be walking away from large sums of money that are rightfully yours under the insurance contract.

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  • Protect your rights and financial interests by having Access Public Adjusting, Inc. representing you on your claim against the insurance company.
  • Get all you are entitled to under your insurance contract with Access Public Adjusting, Inc. on your side.
  • Access Public Adjusting, Inc. is here to ensure you are being treated fairly and in good faith by the insuring company.

Contact us to get your claim started on a strong foundation or if your claim is already in progress – we will get it back on track and moving.

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